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A Selection of Articles by Rafe Harwood

Stress at Work - A Practical Guide to Coping
Although one's job can be an exciting challenge for many individuals, it can also be a tremendous source of stress and strain. This report outlines different forms of stress, its consequences on the body and mind, and practical everyday solutions that anyone can use to combat it.

Organizational Change in Today's Economy
An article illustrating popular theoretical models of organizational change and practical suggestions for organizations to help overcome employee resistance.

The Psychological Contract and Remote Working; an Interview with Prof. Denise M. Rousseau
Denise Rousseau, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Carnegie Mellon University, has a great interest in the complex relationships that exist between employees and their organizations. This article recounts an interview to discuss aspects of these working relationships and to explore the concept of the 'psychological contract'.

Creativity at Work: The Ability to Display Productive Originality
Organizations are increasingly focusing on enhancing their employees creativity, and not merely developing their technical competencies and skills. This article addresses the role of creativity in the workplace, describing methods of its measurement and techniques used by organizations to try to enhance it.

An Introduction to Employee Performance Appraisal and 360-Degree Feedback
This article aims to clear up some of the myths surrounding the subject and show that appraisal is not nearly as scary as one might think. In fact, far from being merely a meaningless form-filling exercise, appraisal can be an invaluable tool in maintaining a happy and productive workplace.

Job Satisfaction and Intention to Leave: An Investigation Into The Antecedents of Voluntary Turnover
The prediction of turnover intentions in organizations is a concept that has attracted considerable research. This abstract summarizes an investigation into the potential predictors of employees' intentions to resign. Practical implications of talent retention are also addressed.

An Introduction to Techniques of Selection and Assessment
There are many tool and techniques used by organizations today to make recruitment and promotion decisions. This article outlines some of the most common techniques used and their strengths and weaknesses.

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